Apprendre à coder - La Capsule Coding Bootcamp
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Our method :
project-based learning

Learn to encode in immersion,
as a developer

Experience a whole new educational experience. A new way of learning

Our method is based on the project approach or Project-Based Learning. It is challenging, challenging and incredibly challenging!

You are working on a new project every week. Every morning, you discover a concept that will be implemented in the afternoon. The project of the week progresses so brick by brick. You learn to code in immersion, as a developer, using the best practices of web development.

At the end of the program, you will have developed 9 projects in 10 weeks. What do you build your developer portfolio.

This method stimulates your critical thinking, your creativity and gives you a thorough and in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts of programming.

The values of our school of code

Technical excellence

At La Capsule, we train people who have an excellent technical background. We recruit the best professionals, who have at least 10 years of experience in IT in management or executive positions, to give our students all the keys to have a perfect technical knowledge.

Educational excellence

We are constantly improving our programs to ensure that learning to code at La Capsule is one of the richest and most exciting experiences of your life! We are proud today to offer highly targeted programs of excellence, since on average 95% of our alumni are in post 3 months after the end of the program.

A business focus

A developer must have excellent technical skills, but also essential soft skills that can work effectively with the entire company. To be able to anticipate, of understand the needs and to collaborate effectively today are the essential assets to be a developer.

For a more mixed Tech

We are committed to seeing more women in tech. We want to foster an environment conducive to gender diversity and to ensure that our programs contribute to the growth of a more feminine, but also more open and accessible technology.

Give life to your ideas

We educate our students to boost their creative spirit. They learn to design, prototyping, modeling and build tech products, since the first day.

Why learn to code in JavaScript?

We chose to train our students at JavaScript, the technology the most popular startups and businesses today.

You will have rare skills that will allow you to code both web applications and mobile applications with a single language.

Want to learn to code?