Apprenez à coder depuis chez vous ou sur nos campusen savoir plus


We want to attract people to our school
talented and passionate, driven by the desire to create the
tomorrow's world.

Our admission process

At La Capsule, we believe in a world of open tech and digital and far from the stereotypes of the geek coder. We believe in an open and mixed tech.
We do not look at the prior technical skills you may have. The people we are looking for to follow our programs must be determined, motivated, talented, passionate and open, people driven by curiosity, the desire to learn, to understand and especially to create thanks to the code.

We want to educate tech, talented and passionate minds, that is to say people capable, beyond their technical know-how, to develop their critical spirit, their curiosity and their creativity.

Our admission process allows us to make sure that you have what it
it takes for you to flourish in the learning environment that requires us
we offer in LA CAPSULE.